A bucolic soap in which time stands still begin right behind.

With pure essential oils of sweet orange and grapefruit.

These handcrafted soap are made with natural ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, rice oil, castor oil an cocoa butter.

Gently on the skin, it creates a soft and fluffy foam.


 The cold process method is ideal for preserving the benefits of plant-derived oils and butter and creates a creamy lather for deep moisturization.


Avaiable in three different design:

-Boy with flowers,

-Girl with flowers

-Native American headdress


All Soaps are made in small, hand stirred batches.

Color details will be washes off with water.

Every soap bar is unique design and hand cut and may look different from the ones in pictures.


Net Weight: 100g

Packaging: metal round box with clear window and paper label

This listing is for one soap only.


  • BUBBLES&SPELLS creates small-batches of handcrafted traditional cold process soaps.

    All soap bars are handmade with natural, skin-loving oils and butters and cure for 4-6 weeks to allow excess water to evaporate. Curing creates a firmer bar that lasts longer in the shower.