LOVE ME aroma wax is a heart shape freshener beautifully scented.

The gift box content is one heart and three stars ( same aroma).


It comes in three different aroma:


-COTTON CANDY AROMA ( pink color) a sweet like caramelized sugar, with additional vanilla note.

-LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL (white color) a floral and woody aroma.

_MUSK AROMA (yellow) softly, fresh  and intense aroma


Net weight: 75g


This listing is for ONE HEART aroma wax and THREE STARS  in a gift box with ribbon.









  • This Aroma wax can be used for freshening drawers, shelves, and closets. 

    They can even be simply left out in the open on a tray to freshen and scent the surroundings.

    Do not hold the sachet in direct contact with clothes. The soy wax can become malleable at high room temperatures . I should be kept somewhere cool.

    Made with natural ingredients and high quality fragrance oils.

    Keep away from heated sources.

    Do not place directly  under the sun.


  • soy wax, stearic acid ( naturally derived from coconut oil), essential oil, fragrance oil, bio glitter ( eco friendly)